5 Tips for Choosing an Event Venue

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Are you planning an event and looking for the perfect venue to host it? Finding the right event venue for your specific event can be a lot more challenging than you think from the outset. However, given how important finding the right venue is for the success of your event, it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly.  

At Queen Isabella’s, we’ve been helping our clients find their perfect venue for many years, so we’ve learned a thing or two about the do’s and don’ts of finding the right event venue. In order to help our clients make the best possible objective decision, we think it’s important to have a process in place for numerically ranking the venues being considered–and we’ll give you our “formula” for free below!

Choosing Your Ideal Event Venue

Before jumping into venue selection for your event, there are three things you’ll need to know about your event first:

  1. Number of attendees – How many people will be attending your event? Can the venue accommodate that many people? On the flip side, if the venue will over-accommodate the number of attendees, will it make your event feel sparsely attended? It’s like Goldilock’s porridge: it needs to be just right.  
  2. Your budget – You might want to book the Taj Mahal for your wedding, but if your wedding budget is $10,000, the Taj Mahal probably doesn’t need to be on your Possible Venues list. Likewise, if you have a big budget and a desire for an upscale event, you probably don’t want to save money by booking a cheap venue that doesn’t match the feel of your event.
  3. Additional needs – How many chairs and tables are you going to need? Do you need a DJ? Food? Ideally, the event venue has in-house services to accommodate your additional needs so you don’t have to coordinate with multiple third party providers (the more people you have to manage/coordinate, the better off you’ll be hiring a professional event planner).  

Queen Isabella’s Event Venue Selection Formula

We recommend you make a list of at least five venues for consideration. This way, you won’t be heartbroken if one venue doesn’t work out, and you’ll be less likely to make a purely emotional decision that ends up costing you a lot of money.  

Once you have your possible venues selected, make a spreadsheet (you can even draw it by hand on a sheet of paper). Put your event venue options in the left column and your scoring criteria at the top of the rows going across the page like in the image below:

Queen Isabella's Events - Event Venue Selection Calculator

Next, rank each event venue you’re considering so you can make the best possible choice across a range of critical deciding factors (1 = bad match / 5 = perfect match). The criteria above (cost, size, accommodations, how much you love it) are the factors we recommend you rank, but you can add or omit factors as you see fit!

Good luck finding the perfect event venue! If Queen Isabella’s can help you with event planning, Day of Coordinating (DOC), or remote/email event consulting, please let us know!   


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