A Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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A Wedding Day Emergency Kit for the Bride and Bridesmaids

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A Wedding Day Emergency Kit is something a bride or bridesmaids can’t afford to go without. Your wedding is supposed to be the most magical day of all because, let’s face it; you have been dreaming about this day since forever now. However, just to keep things real, it is imperative that you realize the possibility of and plan accordingly for common wedding mishaps.

Wedding disasters can occur unannounced, and if you have not prepared for them, you risk turning the most important day of your life into a lousy one. So, here is a list of a wedding day emergency kit which is a must-have for all the brides and bridesmaids out there.

1.   Tissues/Sanitizer

You can never have enough tissues! Make sure you have enough tissues to wipe off any makeup disasters. Moreover, you do not know who you would be shaking hands with or what objects you would be holding during the photo shoot. Therefore, keep a sanitizer handy.

2.   Snacks/Water

With all that stress around you, do not be surprised if you experience unexpected hunger pangs at the wrong time. Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid, to manage such a situation, keep energy bars or snacks that are healthy along with a water bottle.

3.   OTC Medicines

Many brides suffer from headaches as a result of the stress they are feeling on the day of their wedding. Even if you are a bridesmaid, keeping track of the bride’s demands can make you forget about your needs. Make sure that you have paracetamol or ibuprofen in your emergency kit at all times.

4.   Perfume

Sweat is your enemy when you are all dressed up for a wedding. So, make sure you have a deodorant, perfume, or a body spray with you so that no one feels uncomfortable after hugging you.

5.   Sanitary Supplies

You never know when you or someone else in the bridal party might need a tampon. Having one in your kit will save your gorgeous silk dress and give you the protection you need.

6.   Charger for Your Phone

Running out of phone battery is probably the most commonly experienced situation at weddings. Having a phone charger will save millions of lives and will make your kit complete.

7. Cash

Cash is the last item that you should never forget to have on you on the day of your or your friend’s wedding cash. Without cash, you will be completely directionless in case of an emergency. So, create your own wedding day survival kit today and enjoy a care-free event.

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