QI’s Frequently Asked Questions


I. General Questions

What type of events can I hire Queen Isabella’s (QI) for?

We’ve done (and can do) it all: weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, ladies’ night out, retirement parties, anniversary parties, tea parties, kids’ parties, corporate parties/events, and more.


What locations do you serve?

QI began as a full-service event/party planning company serving Danville and Alamo, California. In 2015, we expanded our service areas and offerings to include full-service event planning in the San Francisco Bay Area and virtual consulting services (see below) for clients anywhere in the US.


What’s the best way to contact you?

  • New clients – If you’re inquiring about our services, please complete our contact form here: https://queenisabellasevents.com/contact-us/ to tell us a little about your event and schedule a time for an initial phone consultation.  
  • Existing clients – If you’re an existing client, please contact your designated event planner at the phone number or email that was provided to you.


How many event planners do you have on staff?

We have two expert event planners on staff and a large network of other trusted vendors/experts close at hand. Together, we can help make your event flawless and unforgettable.


How long have you been in business?

We’ve been in business since 2014, and have a 5 star rating on weddingwire.com.



II. Event Planning Service Questions

How soon should I book my event with QI?

It depends on the type of event and your target date. If you want to hire QI as a full service wedding planner, it’s generally a good idea to hire us at least 6 months in advance. For smaller events like children’s parties, a couple of months in advance will usually suffice. However, as a general rule, the sooner in the event planning process you can book us, the better. Booking at the last minute does not actually save time or money, it just means we have to pack more planning/coordinating into a shorter period of time.     


Does QI offer services to non-profit organizations?

Yes! We’ve served as event planners for a large number of non-profit organizations over the years.


What size events do you service?

We handle events as small as 10 people and as large as 500 people. 


Will you take complete control of my event and manage people as I’ve seen happen with other planners?

Yes, our full service event planning services mean we take full control over planning & coordination of your event. However, this does not mean that we do not consult with you and get feedback at each step of the process. Our job is to bring your event to life beyond your wildest dreams, while removing the stress and headaches involved with actually planning & producing the event.  


I have an urgent event, can you help?

Yes, if you’re panicking over a last minute event that feels overwhelming, get in touch with us asap. This likely falls into the category of Day of Coordinator (DOC) – please see next question/answer for more details.


Do you offer a Day of Coordinator (DOC) service?

Yes, we’ve got lots of experience working as DOCs for all types of events. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by planning your event or you need someone to help you pull everything together, our DOC services can be a lifesaver.  

If you’d like to read more about why you might need a day of coordinator, here’s an article we wrote on the topic: https://queenisabellasevents.com/day-coordinator-host-needs/


Is the event planner I meet with at my initial consultation going to be the planner I work with or will there be another planner for my event?

It depends on your event. If, after the initial consultation, we determine that a different event planner is better suited/experienced to take the lead on your specific type of event, we may make that determination. However, all of our event planners work collaboratively as a team to ensure that your event is carried out flawlessly, with your unique vision in mind.   


How do you determine which vendor to recommend to your clients?

One of the benefits of working with QI is our deep roster of recommended vendors. These are companies/individuals that we have pre-screened and worked with extensively over the years. We trust them and know they offer top notch services at highly competitive prices. These are the vendors we recommend to our clients, but you do NOT have to use them and we’ll certainly consider other vendors if that’s your preference.



III. Virtual Service Questions

How do your virtual services work?

Think about it like this: you know you want to go on a vacation to Australia, but you have no idea what to do to plan your trip. That’s why you hire a travel agent (virtually), even though that travel agent doesn’t go on vacation with you. That’s how QI’s virtual services work.

Maybe you’ve realized you don’t need a full service event planner for your event. Maybe you want to save a little money. Whatever the case may be, our virtual services allow you to hire QI from anywhere in the US and put our team to work on your behalf. Whether you need help coming up with a creative vision, planning the nuts and bolts of your event, creating checklists, or any other event details, our virtual services can provide the help you need.

We’ll work with you via video chat (skype or facetime), phone, or email – whichever method you prefer.


How do your La Boutique services work?

Are you doing too much? Are you too busy to plan, coordinate, shop, or even host an event? Yet! You still want to throw a party for yourself or someone else.

La Boutique focuses on the Event-in-a-Box service. The Event in a Box is carefully designed to your event specifications to guarantee your event experience is absolutely magical. QI constructs each personalized event box with every item hand-selected for your occasion. After choosing the perfect box, QI will immediately ship it directly to your doorstep or event location fully prepared with your unique event essentials so you have everything you need in more than enough time before your event!

Imagine calling up your closest friends to meet up at a special get-a-way destination and when you arrive there first you get the pleasure of opening up the party essentials kit prepared and package by your personal event planner. You get to just host the party and have the hard work done for you. Some friends are worth throwing a PARTY for.

How about sending a small party gift to a loved one “Just Because” or a work colleague to tell them you “Really Appreciate their Hard Work?” QI’s Event-in-a-Box Services is a special way to make your loved one or work colleague your celebration. Or help them celebrate their special day or just their success of the day.



IV. Photo / Scrapbook Album Service Questions

Why hire a creative consultant to assists or handle your photo-scrapbook album project?

Sometimes the challenge is of just planning and execution of a album project. Knowing where to begin and who to ask for help. With QI, we work together with you as a friend to design a plan for your album project so that you may pass the hard work to your creative consultant afterwards.  


How does a photo album differ from a custom scrapbook album to a digital custom scrapbook album?

A photo album is an organized gathering of photos with some journaling abilities depending on the photo album style. A custom scrapbook album is a handmade organized gathering of selective photos to preserve stories or memories and display them in artistic light.

A digital custom scrapbook album is a digitally transformed custom scrapbook album that has been professional photographed or scanned to preserve the original artistic development. They make wonderful gifts to pass along to many relatives or friends.


Do you finish albums that have already been started?

Yes, we can jump right in for you so that your project meets completion. 


How long does it take to complete an album?

The answer depends on the type of album, the number of photos and pages, and the amount of attention to detail. We’re happy to talk with you about your album in your initial consultation in order to get a full picture of the project.

To give you some idea of our timeframe, our mini album projects of a small 8″ x 8″ album including 15 pages of 1-2 photos per layout page may take 4-6 weeks depends on length of details (give or take). An album project of a 12″ x 12″ album with 20 pages of 2-4 photos per layout page may take anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks. Again it all depends on the attention to detail and time restrictions involved in the album project.  

For digital transformation of a custom scrapbook album it typically takes 3-6 weeks (in addition to timeframe mentioned above) depending on size of the album.

QI will discuss this process in great length with you at the first project meeting. 


Do you work with individuals who live long distance from your office?

Yes, of course. Distance is never an issue with creative projects rather time restrictions can create obstacles at times.

Please take a look at what our virtual services include and read more on our FAQ’s above.  


Do I need to organize my photos?

Simple answer is no. It is not required of you to organize your photos yet it is help to your creative consultant if you did. This service is an option when hiring your creative consultant.

Ideally, it would benefit you and your creative consultant if you were to arrive at your first project meeting with your photos organized. Having your photo selections together, labeled, divided, and sorted by events, themes, individuals, dates, and important details can be very helpful to process of the project. At the project meeting you’ll have an opportunity to mention priority information or details to your creative consultant. You will be able to provide notes on any special details about any selected or grouped photos. Please inform your creative consultant if you desire any photo selections to be copied to preserve original ones and those that you’d like permanently adhered or cropped.


Are you able to use digital photos in my scrapbook album?

Yes, that’s no a problem at all. You have two options you can provide QI with a simple USB flash drive with photos so we may print them for you or you can print and deliver the photos to QI. QI may apply additional charges for photo printing services.  


What is journaling?

Simply put it involves the who, what, were, when, and why details of your album. Journaling may be implemented into your album as a detailed summary of your selected photos. Room for journaling can be available to you on any selected page of your album. Stories are timeless and always adored.

To give you a better idea, you have two great options QI can create a journal entry with a sample provided by you or your handwritten sample can be inserted.   


May I include keepsakes in my album?

Absolutely! Any item or special keepsake can be incorporated into to your album unless there are actual physical restrictions. QI will make appropriate recommendations and suggestions to you yet it is entirely your decision on how QI proceeds.   


May I see samples of page designs of my album in advance before the completion of my album?

Yes! QI provides many samples in advance of designs, themes, color schemes, and pages of your album to ensure your complete direction and approval on the album project. Samples of layout pages can be texted, emailed, or photo shared directly to you for review, feedback, and approval.



V. Creative Service Questions

Why hire a creative consultant to handle your creative project?

Choosing to hire a creative consultant allows you to pass the project challenge onto a professional. Hiring a creative consultant lets you tell the story you’d like a time capsule for so you can lead the way through design, selection, and implementation.

We are excited to help you through the process of our services.


What creative projects do you handle?

Many special gifts that keep giving. The perfect gifts for your loved ones. Small details that make or break an event may include yet not limited to.

  • Centerpieces and Table Displays
  • Invitations
  • Menu Cards
  • Place Cards
  • Programs
  • Party Favors
  • Keepsakes
  • Heritage Displays
  • Photo Booth Props
  • Photo Albums
  • Scrapbook Albums
  • Party in a Box Gifts
  • and More….

Contact Us and we can discuss it further.


What snap shots in time does a creative consult capture?

  • Parties, events, and gatherings
  • School events and extra-curriculum activities
  • Anniversaries
  • Memorials
  • Special Vacations
  • Retirement
  • Graduation
  • Promotions
  • Heritage
  • Adoption
  • Birth
  • Everyday Joyful Moments
  • You Name it!



VI. Financial Questions

How much does it cost to hire QI as an event planner or wedding planner?

The answer depends on the type of event, the number of attendees, and a host of other factors. We’re happy to talk with you about your event in order to get you a free estimate of what our services would cost.

To give you some idea of our costs, our semi-full event planning services start at $350 and full wedding planning services start at $1,500 and our hourly rate is $75-$125 (depending on the type of event, event size, and duration involved).


How much does it cost to hire QI as a creative consultant?

The answer depends on the creative project, the type of project, and duration involved.  We’d be glad to discuss with any concerns or thoughts about your creative project in order to better service and provide you with an appropriate estimate of our services.

Food for thought, our initial consultation is free and our hourly rate is $50. We require a initial deposit in the amount of $250 due at your first project meeting when the project agreement is signed. Clients will reimburse QI for all materials and outsource services used for creative project. All accrued expenses, will be invoiced at the completion of your creative project and are due within three business days.     


What are your cancellation & refund policies?

We have detailed cancellation and refund policies that we’ll review with you carefully before you become a client. You’ll also receive a copy of these policies upon signing QI as your event planner.   



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