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Party in a Box

Can you imagine receiving a special delivery of a party in a box by your personal event planner? A party in a box package on your door step day of your special event that is a predesigned party in a box you just get to unwrap and enjoy. How much fun would that be to just be able to be your own host?

How adorable would it be for loved one or close friend or distant family member to receive a surprise party?  Some people are worth throwing a party for.  This is awesome for super exhausted and busy moms, who want to be the hostess with the mostest known for the creative parties. Yet, the busy moms are doing too much already without enough time as it is. Adding more to the tasks list is a pain and consumes more time. It takes lots of time to plan and shop for a party even doing so online, ordering from all kinds of different vendors can get a little nerve recking.


Lunch Break Part Box


Social Party in a Box Ideas

How about a fun social party idea? Small ladies night gathering or kids’ play date at the park, little girls’ tea party, or cute sleepover event on a Friday night? Plan it in your head, tell your event planner every single detail and have your Event in a Box delivered right to your party event, your girlfriend’s house, a local park, and or your work place.

The convenience of the of the Event in a Box service is priceless and absolutely memorable for both the host and party guests. The host actually gets to JUST host and take advantage of the festivities of the event while leaving the entire event planning and design to the event planner.

Party in a Box Frozen and TMNT Ninja TurtlesIt’s so nice not having to worry about the little details of things when it is all collected, designed, and created for you and packaged in to your very own party in a box. It’s a real party surprise, the Event in a Box service.

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