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    Hosts Can Be Guests
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      Stress-Free Day
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        She also surprised me by taking photos of our event. She handled working with the DJ, photo booth, caterer and numerous miscellaneous issues that cropped up. Isabella’s presence gave me the luxury of enjoying our party.Suzanne N., Alamo, California


        Is A “Day of Coordinator” All You Need?


        Hosts realize they’re stressed and aren’t being able to enjoy the joy of their guests or really be guests at their parties so they decide to search for a professional “day of coordinator”. Hosts that want to plan their own events while close friends and family offer to help with most of the details at some point towards the end of their plans would like an expert day of coordinator to come in and execute their big day plans.

        The process of a day of coordinator usually is arranged 6-8 weeks in advance. QI has delivered results in less than three (3) weeks when exceptions were made. Now our Hosts can relax and enjoy the memorable moments stress-free.

        Day of Coordinator Services

        A Day of Coordinator acts as the director of your event. Your Day of Coordinator manages and executes your event planning.  All your extensive planning leading up to your final date is being handled by a professional who has memorized your event plans down to every detail.

        As the main host(s) you (both) no longer have to put such a big task onto family members and or friends.  This kind of arrangement for event management never goes well. Family members and or friends miss out on being guests and hosts lose out on the enjoyment of memorable moments.  A Day of Coordinator can provide for both the hosts and guests by releaving them of unnecessary stresses for the day.

        Just some of the advantages to having a Day of Coordinator

        •  Clarify arrangements with vendors and guests
        • Manage to arrival or vendors and guests
        • Communication with host(s), party and or guests related to roles and responsibilities
        • Assisting the host(s) of the event as needed
        • Ensure proper timeline and flow of event program and expectations
        • and more….

        If a Day of Coordinator is all you need Queen Isabella’s Events & Creative Consulting can help with that.

        Day of Coordinator Services

        Featured Services

        • Preparation for the your Event Day
          • Unlimited phone & email communication
          • Free rental of selective event items
          • Multiple consultations to explain the planning and coordination process
        • Event Day
          • Maintain the agenda schedules
          • Manage event party guests
          • Providing a stress-free event day for the Host(s)
        • Event Day Add-ons (Optional)
          • Event photography
          • Styling and creation of centerpieces
          • and more…


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