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        It’s more than I expected. It was so nice to see how everything turned out. I am happy with the album. Thank you again.Elisa L., Danville, California


        Our Scrapbook Photo Album Services

        At times the most dreading part of the creation of a scrapbook photo album is finding the time to do it all yet you’re so busy doing to much already without enough time as it is. The big question is knowing where to start and end the scrapbook photo album project. Adding more to the endless task list is a pain and will stress you out. It takes time to plan, design, shop, prepare, pre-cut, and so on. This already sounds a little too much to handle on your own.

        Queen Isabella’s Events & Creative is ready to take your scrapbook photo album project off your hands when you’re ready. With QI, we work side-by-side with you to design a plan and album that aligns with your goals.

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        Special moments throughout the years are events worth making keepsakes.

        Do you believe your special moments throughout the years are events worth making keepsakes you’ll adore for a lifetime? Want to scrapbook your life’s memorable events, special celebrations, and milestones? Let’s plan to give your photos and timeless memories a real party! We can create a gorgeous custom scrapbook album that will leave a beautiful lasting legacy for your loved ones.


        “For the Events You Love”

        Do you have photos for the events you love that are faded memories? Are your special moments in time locked up in a light USB drive or your iPhone? Do you want to have a perfect photo scrapbook album that tells your stories with all the important details yet don’t know where to start? Don’t know how to or have no time at all? Don’t worry! Let us at QI handle it for you!


        Contact us today for your free consult!


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        Some of my specialties of Scrapbook Photo Album Services include:

        • Custom Personalization
        • Photography Organization
        • Journaling
        • Stamping
        • Sewing
        • Photography
        • Scrapbooking
        • Digital Scrapbooking
        • Pre-made / Custom Photo Scrapbook Album Design and Creation
        • Album Restorations



        Scrapbook Photo Album Services Also Include Our Virtual Services:

        With Queen Isabella’s Events & Creative Consulting (QI), we work with you despite living long distance from our office to create a plan for your album. Our virtual services include:

        • Consultations and album design meetings with you at a prearranged remote site or over the phone.
        • Project plan development which includes theme and design based on your wishes.
        • Coordinating project milestones to ensure everything remains on schedule.
        • Assisting in selection of album materials, including:
          • album cover, fabric, and design
          • memorable themes or milestones
          • scrapbook paper theme, color, and design
        • Assisting in selection of project details including:
          • journaling
          • keepsake items
          • mementos
          • decorations
        • Advising on album project decisions and what would work best, such as design or time frame.
        • Referrals to vendors or stores that can supply items or services needed for the album.

        Choosing our virtual services allow you to hire a creative consultant from afar. These virtual services allow us to work together on your album despite long distance so you can have your project completed in no time.

        We are happy to answer your questions about our album services. Just Ask QI!


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