Suzanne N.

Retirement Party

“Isabella was amazing! I have never hired an event planner before – and was hesitant that I would be having to dictate each and every step to the planner. I needed someone who could be ‘me’, who could look around the room and know what needed to be done and when. Isabella was right on point every step throughout the event. We communicated prior to our event by email frequently, with her reminding me of things that should be in the works, offering assistance if needed. I met with her before the party began and we discussed what was important to me and how I wanted the event to flow. I identified small tasks at certain times were important, ranging from when the salad should be served, when the candles should be lit, checking ice at the bar, dishes picked up, etc. She also surprised me by taking photos of our event. She handled working with the DJ, photo booth, caterer and numerous miscellaneous issues that cropped up. Isabella’s presence gave me the luxury of enjoying our party. Isabella impressed many of our guests, who asked who was the woman behind the scenes. They found her to be resourceful and very friendly. After our event was over, she followed up the next day with an informal meeting asking if there was anything I would have liked that was missing, asking for candid feedback on what would have made the event better. How refreshing this was! I would recommend Isabella without hesitation – she was terrific in every aspect. I will hire her again for the next event!”