A Wedding Day Emergency Kit for the Bride and Bridesmaids

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A Wedding Day Emergency Kit is something a bride or bridesmaids can’t afford to go without. Your wedding is supposed to be the most magical day of all because, let’s face it; you have been dreaming about this day since forever now. However, just to keep things real, it is imperative that you realize the possibility of and plan accordingly for common wedding mishaps.

Wedding disasters can occur unannounced, and if you have not prepared for them, you risk turning the most important day of your life into a lousy one. So, here is a list of a wedding day emergency kit which is a must-have for all the brides and bridesmaids out there.

1.   Tissues/Sanitizer

You can never have enough tissues! Make sure you have enough tissues to wipe off any makeup disasters. Moreover, you do not know who you would be shaking hands with or what objects you would be holding during the photo shoot. Therefore, keep a sanitizer handy.

2.   Snacks/Water

With all that stress around you, do not be surprised if you experience unexpected hunger pangs at the wrong time. Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid, to manage such a situation, keep energy bars or snacks that are healthy along with a water bottle.

3.   OTC Medicines

Many brides suffer from headaches as a result of the stress they are feeling on the day of their wedding. Even if you are a bridesmaid, keeping track of the bride’s demands can make you forget about your needs. Make sure that you have paracetamol or ibuprofen in your emergency kit at all times.

4.   Perfume

Sweat is your enemy when you are all dressed up for a wedding. So, make sure you have a deodorant, perfume, or a body spray with you so that no one feels uncomfortable after hugging you.

5.   Sanitary Supplies

You never know when you or someone else in the bridal party might need a tampon. Having one in your kit will save your gorgeous silk dress and give you the protection you need.

6.   Charger for Your Phone

Running out of phone battery is probably the most commonly experienced situation at weddings. Having a phone charger will save millions of lives and will make your kit complete.

7. Cash

Cash is the last item that you should never forget to have on you on the day of your or your friend’s wedding cash. Without cash, you will be completely directionless in case of an emergency. So, create your own wedding day survival kit today and enjoy a care-free event.

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A close friend of yours that you care for dearly is having a baby! The spoiling begins. You’re trying to find the perfect gift for when the special event comes. Gifting a baby shower scrapbook might just make your friend cry.

As the main host of the baby shower event you can collect a few special keepsake items to incorporate into the baby shower scrapbook. Some might be the baby’s first early sonogram  photos, the baby shower invitations, guest list, and copies of the mother and father-to-be pregnancy photos.

Most parent(s)-to-be register for some baby store or subscribe to a catalog at some point in their “having a baby” journey. As the host, you might even consider capturing the milestone by attending a registry selection appointment with the parent(s)-to-be. A fun idea, would be to make the appointment a photoshoot opportunity with the parent(s)-to-be. Capturing moments of shopping, selecting baby items, funny poses in front or inside the store, and photos of the baby catalog subscriptions.

Baby Shower

A nice thought: request of guests to send you a special photo of one or both of the parent(s)-to-be with the guest. Ask them to send a few encouraging words about having a baby or a memorable moment they recall with the parent(s)-to-be that you can place into the scrapbook album. The best thing about this idea is it works for both guests attending and those who may not be attending the baby shower event. A nice way for those not attending the baby shower event to still play a role in the baby shower event and in making the baby shower scrapbook album rather than just sending a gift.

Another photoshoot opportunity awaits just an hour or so before the baby shower event begins. Ask guests to arrive a bit earlier before the parent(s)-to-be do so you may take photos of the guests in front of main table displays, decorations, or backdrops of the baby shower event to avoid missing special moments during the event such as the opening gifts or cake cutting.

Baby Shower Cake

Other great milestone moments to capture during the event would be the welcoming of main guests, playing baby games, opening of gifts, and cutting of the cake.  The moment that the parent(s)-to-be arrive you can take photos of big hugs and kisses. While baby playing games make the most of it by capturing the funniest and most adorable moments. When the opening of gifts take place, capture photos of each gift being opened with or without the gift-giver and cards read aloud. Make notes of gifts received so that you can include those notes in the scrapbook album. Oh, cake! Take photos of the main guests cutting their beautiful cake and sharing their special slice together.

The most important suggestion of all is hiring a “day-of coordinator” professional to assist with capturing this baby shower event to the fullest. While doing all of the above as suggested, you as the host may not be able to fulfill you host duties to the parent(s)-to-be in excellence. It helps with the stresses that come with planning a baby shower event and the creation of a baby shower scrapbook.

If you’re looking for an expert day-of coordinator, consider hiring Queen Isabella’s Events & Creative Consulting as your personal event planning professional!


Let’s Have a Party! Hooray!


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7 Tips to Plan Your Perfect “Themed Party”


Graduation parties, fiestas, 1970s and 80s, personalized special occasion parties for anniversaries or bridal showers… Themed parties can be a complete blast for everyone involved. However, if you’re new to party planning and you’re in charge of putting the event together, they can also be a stress-inducing nightmare.

Here are 7 party planning tips to make your life easier if you’re trying to put together a themed party:


Themed Party Tip #1: Set a Budget

It might seem out of step, but the first thing you’ll want to do is figure out your budget for the event. If your budget is $100, there’s no need to consider having Aerosmith perform live. Seriously though, nailing down your budget will really help you in figuring out details of your party plan and how best to accomplish them. Which leads us to…


Themed Party Tip #2: Make a Plan

There’s nothing worse than going to a poorly planned party. Essential things you’ll need to plan for based around your budget include: the time and date of the event, the venue, who to invite, date(s) invitations and reminders should be sent, food/beverages needed, decorations/props needed, and a day of event schedule. Put deadlines on each action item to be done and stick to it. Planning helps ensure that you know what to do, when to do it, and that everything gets done.


Themed Party Tip #3: Seek Online Design Inspiration (ahem Pinterest)

The “hive mind” is truly brilliant! I guarantee that no matter what themed party you’re planning, other people have already pulled it off in spectacular fashion and posted pictures, videos, and blog articles about it online. Perhaps the best place to go for themed party design inspiration on the internet is Pinterest. Borrow your favorite ideas, improve and add to them, and create your perfect themed party tailored to your specific needs and desires.  


Themed Party Tip #4: Recruit a Friend or Family Member To Help

You know that one really smart, dependable, well-organized friend or family member you have? Yes, that one. If they were going to be invited to the party anyway, ask them to help you plan your themed party. The extra mind, hands, and feet will make your life soooo much easier than having to think of and do everything on your own. At the party, just be sure to give them a special gift and a big shoutout for all their help to thank them!  


Themed Party Tip #5: Send a Themed Invitation (and Reminders)

If you’re having a Sip and See party, don’t just send out a bland email invitation. Make sure your invitation is themed according to your general party theme in order to set the mood and get people excited. This is true regardless of whether you’re sending printed invitations or an Evite. Also, if you need to send any reminder invitations, make sure they’re themed as well.


Themed Party Tip #6: Plan Games and Activities

Want to make your themed party extra memorable? Have some planned games and activities scheduled into your event. If you’re having a fiesta party for kids, you’ve simply got to have a pinata. If you’re having a Royal Costume party, you’ve got to plan a “best costume” vote and prize giveaway. Games and activities take a little extra planning, but the payoff in fun and great memories for you and your guests is more than worth it.     


Themed Party Tip #7:

Is your themed party supposed to start at 7pm on Saturday? Then you need to be totally finished with everything on your to-do list by 4pm–or even earlier if you can pull it off. Rushing and being stressed ruins your ability to enjoy your own event. By finishing early, you’re also more likely to: a) not forget something important, and b) have time to come up with a backup plan if something bad happens (example: you need to find a different venue last minute). Your goal is to go into your party feeling relaxed, confident, and ready to have a great time. When your guests see you in this state of mind, it helps them better enjoy the event as well.


Bonus Tip?

If party planning for your themed party seems overwhelming and stressful, let a professional handle the whole thing or at least help you with planning. Queen Isabella’s Events & Creative Consulting is happy to be at your service, and we work with clients remotely all over the country. Get in touch with us if we can help you!


Let’s Have a Party! Hooray!


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Coffee Break Party Box

Party in a Box

Can you imagine receiving a special delivery of a party in a box by your personal event planner? A party in a box package on your door step day of your special event that is a predesigned party in a box you just get to unwrap and enjoy. How much fun would that be to just be able to be your own host?

How adorable would it be for loved one or close friend or distant family member to receive a surprise party?  Some people are worth throwing a party for.  This is awesome for super exhausted and busy moms, who want to be the hostess with the mostest known for the creative parties. Yet, the busy moms are doing too much already without enough time as it is. Adding more to the tasks list is a pain and consumes more time. It takes lots of time to plan and shop for a party even doing so online, ordering from all kinds of different vendors can get a little nerve recking.


Lunch Break Part Box


Social Party in a Box Ideas

How about a fun social party idea? Small ladies night gathering or kids’ play date at the park, little girls’ tea party, or cute sleepover event on a Friday night? Plan it in your head, tell your event planner every single detail and have your Event in a Box delivered right to your party event, your girlfriend’s house, a local park, and or your work place.

The convenience of the of the Event in a Box service is priceless and absolutely memorable for both the host and party guests. The host actually gets to JUST host and take advantage of the festivities of the event while leaving the entire event planning and design to the event planner.

Party in a Box Frozen and TMNT Ninja TurtlesIt’s so nice not having to worry about the little details of things when it is all collected, designed, and created for you and packaged in to your very own party in a box. It’s a real party surprise, the Event in a Box service.

Special Offers

20% off your party in a box offered until December 31, 2018. QI’s offers free shipping through May 1, 2018. Hurry and get to shopping now!

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