A Wedding Day Emergency Kit for the Bride and Bridesmaids

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A Wedding Day Emergency Kit is something a bride or bridesmaids can’t afford to go without. Your wedding is supposed to be the most magical day of all because, let’s face it; you have been dreaming about this day since forever now. However, just to keep things real, it is imperative that you realize the possibility of and plan accordingly for common wedding mishaps.

Wedding disasters can occur unannounced, and if you have not prepared for them, you risk turning the most important day of your life into a lousy one. So, here is a list of a wedding day emergency kit which is a must-have for all the brides and bridesmaids out there.

1.   Tissues/Sanitizer

You can never have enough tissues! Make sure you have enough tissues to wipe off any makeup disasters. Moreover, you do not know who you would be shaking hands with or what objects you would be holding during the photo shoot. Therefore, keep a sanitizer handy.

2.   Snacks/Water

With all that stress around you, do not be surprised if you experience unexpected hunger pangs at the wrong time. Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid, to manage such a situation, keep energy bars or snacks that are healthy along with a water bottle.

3.   OTC Medicines

Many brides suffer from headaches as a result of the stress they are feeling on the day of their wedding. Even if you are a bridesmaid, keeping track of the bride’s demands can make you forget about your needs. Make sure that you have paracetamol or ibuprofen in your emergency kit at all times.

4.   Perfume

Sweat is your enemy when you are all dressed up for a wedding. So, make sure you have a deodorant, perfume, or a body spray with you so that no one feels uncomfortable after hugging you.

5.   Sanitary Supplies

You never know when you or someone else in the bridal party might need a tampon. Having one in your kit will save your gorgeous silk dress and give you the protection you need.

6.   Charger for Your Phone

Running out of phone battery is probably the most commonly experienced situation at weddings. Having a phone charger will save millions of lives and will make your kit complete.

7. Cash

Cash is the last item that you should never forget to have on you on the day of your or your friend’s wedding cash. Without cash, you will be completely directionless in case of an emergency. So, create your own wedding day survival kit today and enjoy a care-free event.

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Whether it is an anniversary party, baby shower, graduation event, or anything celebrating life’s milestone events in between, celebrating life’s milestone events are occasions that we all enjoy. These events create memories that last a lifetime, but can sometimes break the bank to achieve the vision you have for your event. For those who don’t want to empty their bank account, there are many options available to keep the cost of every life’s milestone event celebration within your budget.

Getting Ideas for Your Life’s Milestone Events

Your best friends when hosting a party are Pinterest for DIY inspiration, discount or wholesale stores and savvy sales for all your party supplies, and items you may already have in your home or a family member or friend’s home. Depending on the type of event you are hosting, check out Pinterest for ideas that you would like to incorporate into your event. Keep this in mind while you are shopping and checking what you have at home. If time allows, handmade items are usually more economical then store bought.

How to Cut Costs for Your Life’s Milestone Events

There are many ways you can cut the costs for your event without sacrificing quality. The internet allows you to send evites through email or even on Facebook. You can also call or text people to let them know about an event. Formality is no longer a requirement for today’s milestone events!

Food can be a budget breaker. In this case, it is always a good idea to go homemade. If the event’s theme matches, you can also go potluck and ask guests to bring sides to the party. You can also provide snacks and drinks if the event is in between meal times. To cut costs on décor, you can use desserts, like cupcakes or small single layer cakes, as fun and whimsical table décor.

The most cost-effective venue is your home or a family member’s or a friend’s home, if the weather is nice, outdoors. You can also call around to small event halls in your area for cheap rates if you have many party guests. Depending on the season, fresh cut flowers are an excellent item for the décor or you can choose paper florals. Vases could be made of unique glasses bought at a dollar store and spray painted the color of your theme. Paper products of a solid color would be excellent to enhance the color scheme.


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Retirement Party


Planning Your Budget for Your Life’s Milestone Events

Now that you know what you need to plan for and how to cut costs, you need to break down the price of each thing you want and make sure the total does not exceed your budget. You may have to adjust or cut some things to get in that budget. Here is an example:

Items that you can save on cost:
  • Invitations online
  • Alternatives to cake: cupcakes and frosting, cookies, or donut towers
  • Simple appetizers and snacks: two large fruit pizzas, peanuts and mints
  • Coffee, tea, and punch
  • Paper products (plates, cups, napkins)
  • Plastic table cloth or borrowed
  • Material for games (pens and paper in your home)
  • Gifts for game winners
  • Baby things for main centerpiece and on gift table
  • Onesies for guests to decorate (Instructions available online) (different sizes for baby growing to use later)
  • Fabric paint
  • Garland material (all things baby for use later such as animals cut out of patterned paper, clothes, accessories, etc.)
  • Helium balloon arrangement for decor

These prices can even be reduced if you shop smart. The sky’s the limit when using your own imagination or getting inspiration from an event planner for creative design ideas for your life’s milestone events!

So, whether you’re hosting a family gathering, a baby shower, a brunch, or planning your own wedding, I encourage you to consider hiring an experienced, creative event planner who can help make your event come off stylish and affordable.

When your life’s milestone events come, you deserve to be able to enjoy the full experience of the events you’ve created rather than frantically running around putting out fires. The right event planner will make it stress-free for you.

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Are you planning an event and looking for the perfect venue to host it? Finding the right event venue for your specific event can be a lot more challenging than you think from the outset. However, given how important finding the right venue is for the success of your event, it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly.  

At Queen Isabella’s, we’ve been helping our clients find their perfect venue for many years, so we’ve learned a thing or two about the do’s and don’ts of finding the right event venue. In order to help our clients make the best possible objective decision, we think it’s important to have a process in place for numerically ranking the venues being considered–and we’ll give you our “formula” for free below!

Choosing Your Ideal Event Venue

Before jumping into venue selection for your event, there are three things you’ll need to know about your event first:

  1. Number of attendees – How many people will be attending your event? Can the venue accommodate that many people? On the flip side, if the venue will over-accommodate the number of attendees, will it make your event feel sparsely attended? It’s like Goldilock’s porridge: it needs to be just right.  
  2. Your budget – You might want to book the Taj Mahal for your wedding, but if your wedding budget is $10,000, the Taj Mahal probably doesn’t need to be on your Possible Venues list. Likewise, if you have a big budget and a desire for an upscale event, you probably don’t want to save money by booking a cheap venue that doesn’t match the feel of your event.
  3. Additional needs – How many chairs and tables are you going to need? Do you need a DJ? Food? Ideally, the event venue has in-house services to accommodate your additional needs so you don’t have to coordinate with multiple third party providers (the more people you have to manage/coordinate, the better off you’ll be hiring a professional event planner).  

Queen Isabella’s Event Venue Selection Formula

We recommend you make a list of at least five venues for consideration. This way, you won’t be heartbroken if one venue doesn’t work out, and you’ll be less likely to make a purely emotional decision that ends up costing you a lot of money.  

Once you have your possible venues selected, make a spreadsheet (you can even draw it by hand on a sheet of paper). Put your event venue options in the left column and your scoring criteria at the top of the rows going across the page like in the image below:

Queen Isabella's Events - Event Venue Selection Calculator

Next, rank each event venue you’re considering so you can make the best possible choice across a range of critical deciding factors (1 = bad match / 5 = perfect match). The criteria above (cost, size, accommodations, how much you love it) are the factors we recommend you rank, but you can add or omit factors as you see fit!

Good luck finding the perfect event venue! If Queen Isabella’s can help you with event planning, Day of Coordinating (DOC), or remote/email event consulting, please let us know!   


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Event and Wedding Planning







All a Host Needs

For anyone who has ever been on the planning side of an event rather than simply being an attendee, it goes without saying that weddings and other events take a LOT of time, effort to plan and absolutely require a professional event planner. Is a “Day of Coordinator” all a host needs?

Have you ever been to a wedding or event that seemed simple and flawless, and thought “I could have planned that”? Well, you unknowingly experienced what good planning looks like on the surface.

What you didn’t experience was the countless hours of email exchanges, phone calls, vendor interviews, staff/volunteer coordination, site walks, deliveries, and last minute snafus that took difficult, creative judgment calls to overcome. Yes, underneath that seemingly calm surface that you saw as an attendee was a torrent of details and potential crises that had to be dealt with by event professionals–likely either an event planner or a day of coordinator.  Again you ask is a “Day of Coordinator” all a host needs?

Event Planner or Day of Coordinator: What’s the Difference?

For smaller weddings (and other events), one trend that’s becoming increasingly popular is hiring a “day of coordinator” (DOC) rather than hiring an actual wedding planner.

What’s the difference?

An event planner is with you from start to finish, and handles virtually every event detail for you. Yes, you still pick the wedding cake, but the event planner will likely find the baker(s) and select the options for you to sample based on questions they’ve asked you.

The title “day of coordinator” is actually a misnomer, since the name implies that the DOC will only show up on the day of the event. In reality, a DOC will be helping you for weeks or potentially even months before the actual day of your wedding/event.

I often get hired as a wedding DOC by couples who wanted to plan their own weddings while using friends and family to coordinate event details on the big day. At some point during the process (usually about 4-8 weeks out), the couple realizes they’re in way over their heads, the stress and headaches aren’t worth it, and that cousin Judy should be able to relax and enjoy the wedding rather than trying to take on the role of coordinating between ten different vendors while answering dozens of questions from guests.

Now poor Judy has stress ulcers and the couple still hasn’t signed off on critically important event details! Don’t let this happen to you.

5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Day of Coordinator (DOC)

  1. Experience – Nothing against cousin Judy, but she probably doesn’t have the experience needed to be a good DOC. Does the DOC you’re considering have lots of events under their belt? Are the events similar to the one you’re planning? For instance, if you need a DOC for a wedding, hire someone who has extensive wedding planning/DOC experience, not someone who only has experience doing corporate events.
  2. Reviews – Does the DOC have a list of happy clients who can provide you with an honest, objective, and positive review of their services? If not, be wary.
  3. Personality– This might be the most overlooked consideration in hiring a DOC… You’re going to be spending a lot of time planning and coordinating with your DOC, so if you don’t “click” with the person, it can create unneeded stress and complications. It’s also important for you to understand that the stress that often comes with event planning might bring out aspects of your personality that you might normally keep bottled up. That’s fine and expected, but you’ll need a DOC who can handle both the “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” sides of you, while holding you firmly to schedule. If a prospective DOC seems a little too “stiff and organized” up front, consider that this might actually be exactly what you need to pull off a flawless wedding/event.
  4. What’s Included – Again, the scope of a DOC’s job goes WAY beyond showing up on the day of the event. Depending on your event, you’ll want to ask and get a written list of exactly what’s included with the job. Each type of event and each DOC is going to be a little different, but always try to work out clear written terms upfront or it’s guaranteed to cause confusion and miscommunication down the road.
  5. Budget – Don’t be embarrassed or uncomfortable broaching this topic! Finding out your budget helps a prospective DOC outline the scope of services they can offer you. If you think your budget is too small to hire a DOC, just mention that upfront and ask if your budget is something they can work with. You might be pleasantly surprised.

So, whether you’re hosting a social gathering, a board retreat, a product launch, or planning your own wedding, I highly recommend that you consider hiring an experienced, professional DOC who can help make your event come off flawlessly (or at least appear that way to attendees!).

When the big day comes, you deserve to be able to enjoy the full experience of the event you’ve created rather than frantically running around putting out fires. The right DOC will make that possible for you.


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